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  • CIVEL is a French association located in the heart of LYON which has been organizing International Exchanges and Language Training Sessions for more than twenty years, collaborating with organisations  in Australia, the United States, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany.
  • We are an organisation specialized in offering a personal and tailor-made service.
  • We work directly with the French families whose children attend respectable schools in the greater Lyon area.
  • We also work directly with schools and Principals.

The banks of the Saône in the snow- Lyon

Banks of the Rhône river – Lyon  :

The tower of the Charity Hospital and Jeong Hwa’s  “Flower-Tree”


  • We offer to teachers of French overseas to create an exchange programme between their students and the students of a school in Lyon (middle school or high school).

  • We have contact with a large number of principals in the Lyon area who wish to establish links overseas schools.


 The exchange works both ways :

In France

  • Your students will improve their French by speaking the language on a daily basis and by immersing themselves in the day to day life of a French family.
  • The student will attend a French school with their French host, they will experience all of their daily activities, including meeting friends and relatives.
  • The student will go on holidays with the host family: during winter, they might go skiing, in the summer, they might go to the seaside!
  • They will also visit well-known tourist sights as well as enjoy a different way of life.


In your country

  • Your students will help their French exchange student discover and appreciate their own country and lifestyle, introducing them to their family and friends.
  • The French students will attend your local school and will improve their English or Spanish…
  • He will go on holidays with the host family and he will also visit well-known tourist sights as well as enjoy a different way of life.

Biennale de la danse in Lyon

quote openThey will be young ambassadors for their countquote closery!  



The aim of exchange :


This is a reciprocal exchange and its success depends on the willingness of both the students and hosts families to make it work.

It requires patience and open-mindedness. It is a lesson in tolerance, where it is accepted that ways of doing things are neither right nor wrong but simply different.

quote openThis exchange will be a memorable experience that allows the students to make new quote closefriends for life.


The location in France :

  • You will stay in the heart of France’s second most important region: Lyon, 1.5 million inhabitants.
  • The Lyon metropolis, located at the confluence of the two rivers Rhône and Saône, is registered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO thanks to its exceptional cultural and architectural assets.
  • Ski resorts in the Alps, Paris and Provence Côte d’Azur are only two hours away.


Excursions and day trips :

The United Nation Organisation meeting room

Groups of exchange students can participate in a day trip to either Geneva or Lausanne, Annecy or Avignon and other excursions around Lyon where they will discover the hidden delights of France.


Possible visits in Lyon with guides:


  •  Museum of Roman archaeology
  • Medieval Lyon and its “traboules”
  • the Opera
  • the Canuts or Silk workers Museum
  • the Trompe l’Oeil walls of la Croix-Rousse
  • the Resistance Museum…


For more information please contact us


The Roman ruins – The streets of the Medieval ruins – The Opera  – The Lyonnais wall

To see more photos of Lyon click here


CIVEL manages the exchange programme in its entirety.

We work closely with the local English teachers and we look after :

  • The registration of the students:

           each candidate is vetted and approved by the teachers and Principal of the school and by CIVEL.

  • The pairing of students.  **
  • The planning of cultural visits within Lyon and abroad.
  • The organisation of information sessions which families and students are briefed for hosting of students.

Each group is always chaperoned by CIVEL team.

**We pay particular attention to the pairing of students as our registration forms are detailed and allow us to match young people by their interests and hobbies.

We encourage teachers to read their students’ registration forms to check on the accuracy of the information contained.



Loom and shuttles



CIVEL provides:


  • Registration and medical forms for your students.
  • Host families accommodation for teachers, (hotels or apartment acccomodation on demand).
  • Support and personal help during your stay.
  • The planning of cultural visits within Lyon if required.

The ” cour des Voraces” – La Croix Rousse


quote openWe can also organise a mini stay in Paris :
4 days to discover one of the most beautiful cities in thequote close World !

  • We can find appropriate accommodation near a metro station as well as restaurants.
  • Your stay could include a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, Montmartre and the artist area of Place du Tertre, the Sacré-Coeur basilica, the Champs-Elysées and the catacombs…
  • We can provide guides for the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay to help you discover famous artwork as well as a boat ride on the Seine to see the famous sites.

Eiffel Tower – Paris

Please, contact us for more information !

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